Amalfi - 440 bubbles - 2005

Posted By: jazzydevil
Amalfi - 440 bubbles - 2005

Amalfi - 44o bubbles
Genre: Electronic, Easy listening, d'n'b, dub | CD | MP3 | CBR 256 | 105

It has everything from drum'n'bass and dub to easy-listening and chill out. It makes you wanna dance and got a few great tunes to relax to. it's like staying in a country that has fruits, beautiful women, a sunny seashore and a broadway show! you can laugh, dance, and have a wonderful time in the shadows of the giant trees. Jzd

1 Do It Right
2 Wonderwoman
3 Femme Fatale
4 Dub In Blue
5 Hells Angels
6 Gondwana
7 Deep Space Six
8 Meiji Reibo
9 Gartenzwergen Boogie
10 Azazello