Ez3kiel - Barb4ry (2003)

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Ez3kiel - Barb4ry (2003)

Ez3kiel - Barb4ry (2003)
Electronica, avantgard | Flac level 8 | no log | 10 tracks | Cover | 330 Mb rar | | 2009

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With reference to electro-dub artists such as Massive Attack and Leftfield, Ez3kiel weave a poetic, almost symphonic story into their breaks.

The use of live UN-sampled wind and string gives an authenticity to the beats which have a tendancy to break down at the more intricate moments. This being a minor complaint and undoubtedly a limitation only in terms of technology, Ez3kiel present a refreshing way to present their unique blend of the classical and the electronic.

Tracks included on these releases:

* Kika
* Versus
* Another
* 3 Rue Monplaisir
* Phantom Land
* Tôt Ou Tard
* Barb4ry
* Thought
* Sûrement
* Coaxial

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