bésame Soft Chillout Tunes

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bésame Soft Chillout Tunes

bésame Soft Chillout Tunes
Various Artists - Compilation (2004)
TAK + CUE = 330mb | MP3 HQ (VBR) = 90mb | + COVERS
Genre: Easy Listening, Jazz, Lounge, and maybe Electronic too

01. "Junky" Batty Beats 03:59
02. "Cafè Del Mar" Tomstone 05:17
03. "Echoes Of Wadi Sherez" Atex 04:52
04. "Street Lamp Sonata" Focalized 03:59
05. "When The Sun Gets Higher" Laconic 04:09
06."Freudian Nursery Incident" Daughters Of Innocence 04:10
07. "Russian Elephant" Spaceport Orkestra O… 06:02
08. "My Little Angel" Electric Brother 04:53
09. "Little Flower" Secret Archives Of T… 03:53
10. "Cicada Song" Irradiation 03:14
11. "We All Speak (We All Live…" Phreak inc. 04:57
12. "Schäferstündchen" Lava Lounge 06:01
13. "Schranzade" Mota 05:21
14. "Minus" Gringo Scar 02:45

To my knowledge none* (except nasty perverted geeks like me) download loseless version, so I decided to make smth unreasonable, amd … Support new super loseless format - TAK compression. If you are fond of loseless and do not know what is TAK (Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor), then get ready for a bit of brainfuck and huge pleasure in the end.

1. First of all, do not hurry and read wiki @t hydrogenaudio - as I do not know anything I could add to it.
2. If you are Windows user - you can start downloading now. All you need is to go to authors website and get latest (de)compression kit. Not to forget this format is already supported by WinAmp and FooBar. Windows worshipers, no mo worries for U.

For happy Mac and Linux users let me explain you explain this. TAK has no native support for your platforms (Im Mac too, I am with you :)), but it be a hard-play just for lamers… Remember that, we are perverted geeks ;). Least, you can do it without installing Win-Dough©s and too much pain.

To start off - get Wine (not bottle, you joker-leg) suitable for your platform, then download antwindows TAK kit, install it according to readme-f&&&g-manual and voila… You can run exe-apps and be very-very proud of yourself… (Everything works fine on my mac, equiped with darwine).

3. Now you can effortlessly decompress tracks to .wav and apply supplied .cue file.
4. Cheer up, you have become more perverted, my dirty friend.

Now get all this music and have fun:

Part1, Part2, Part3 and the Last

Hope you liked this lesson and had fun.

for aministration/moderation team members - sorry to post all this stuff about music conversion, but I had no other means to explain this straight away. Hope you will be kind enough understand my purely altruistic motives.