Cirque du Soleil - Quidan

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Cirque du Soleil - Quidan

Cirque du Soleil - Quidan
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01 - Atmadja
02 - Incantation
03 - Marelle
04 - Rivage
05 - Zydeko
06 - Let Me Fall
07 - Innocence
08 - Carrousel
09 - Steel Dream
10 - Seisouso
11 - Reveil
12 - Quidam

Premiering in 1996, Quidam adhered to the trend of bringing darker shows to the big top, previously established by Alegría the year before. Derived from the Latin word for "a nameless passerby", Quidam was Cirque du Soleil's ninth production and premiered in Montreal on April 23rd, 1996. Dragone's concept for this show is the imagination of a young and jaded girl named Zoe. Drawing heavily from surrealistic artwork, the performers in the show are the manifestations of her own daydreams.

Show designers Michel Crête and Franco Dragone wanted to find a new way of incorporating the acrobatic equipment onstage. One of the ways they did this in Quidam was to design an overhead rigging system that would allow the performers to enter and exit from above and across the stage. The system also allowed the ability to suspend cast members in the air using harnesses safely for extended periods of time.