Clannad: Past Present (1989)

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Clannad: Past Present (1989)

Clannad 'Past Present' (1989)
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Earlier retrospective (greatest hits) by Clannad, featuring young Enya on some tracks

Past Present released in 1989 is in essence a retrospective collectors' item. This anthology spans all of Clannad's work up to 1989 and a couple of new releases. The full range and evolution of the Clannad style is represented here from the lyrical Gaelic to the technology influenced acoustic guitar ballads. This album again brought Clannad UK Top 10 success and went on to win a UK platinum award for the group.

Apologies, no cover, no sleeve notes

Track Listing
1. Theme From Harry's Game
2. Closer to Your Heart
3. Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)
4. The Hunter
5. Lady Marian
6. Sirius
7. Coinleach Ghlas An Fhómhair
8. Second Nature
9. World of Difference
10. In A Lifetime
11. Robin (The Hooded Man)
12. Something to Believe In
13. Newgrange
14. Buachaill Ón Éirne
15. White Fool
16. Stepping Stone

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