Conjure One - Conjure One (Limited Edition)

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Conjure One - Conjure One (Limited Edition)

Conjure One - Conjure One (Limited Edition)
mp3 | 320 kbps | 2002 Year | 79 min | 181 mb
Genre: Electronic, Ambient

"With Conjure One, his solo debut, Rhys Fulber expands upon the promise of Karma with a rapturous blend of lush textures, hauntingly beautiful melodies and softly curved electrobeats. Like a filmmaker using varying shades of light and dark, the studio wunderkind manipulates sound to create mood music rich with images. 'It's ambient, epic music with a pop structure,' says Fulber.

The making of Conjure One was truly an international affair: it written and recorded in Amsterdam, Vancouver, London and Los Angeles, and draws Fulber's principal inspiration from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music. It took Fulber three solid years to make the record, and the resulting music, bracingly resonant and evocative, reflects his reputation as a meticulous artist.

Critically acclaimed Atlantic recording artist Poe, Israeli vocalist Chemda, Argentinean singer Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo, and Melanie Garside take turns breathing emotional life into Fulber's exquisitely crafted compositions. Their vocal performances are warm, seductive and absolutely mesmerizing. 'I handed the songs over to the singers and let them do whatever they wanted. Most of the final versions are their original visions,' says Fulber."


01. Damascus (vocals by Chemda)
02. Center Of the Sun (vocals by Poe)
03. Tears From The Moon (vocals by Sinead O'Connor)
04. Tidal Pool (vocals by Chemda)
05. Manic Star (vocals by Marie Claire D'Ubaldo)
06. Redemption (vocals by Chemda)
07. Years (vocals sampled from Chemda)
08. Make A Wish (vocals by Poe)
09. Pandora (instrumental)
10. Sleep (vocals by Marie Claire D'Ubaldo)
11. Premonition (Reprise) (instrumental)
12. Premonition
13. Tears From The Moon (Hybrid's Twisted On The Terrace)
14. Sleep (Ian Van Dahl Mix)
15. Sleep (Solarstone's Afterhours' Mix)

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