Conjure One - Extraordinary Ways (2005) [Lossless]

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Conjure One - Extraordinary Ways (2005) [Lossless]

Conjure One - Extraordinary Ways (2005)
Label: Nettwerk | Genre: Electronica; worldbeat | FLAC; 342 Mb | mp3 (CBR 320kbps); 124 Mb | 00:54:16

Three years after an impressive debut, Rhys Fulber shows his solo project
wasn't a one-shot deal nor a lucky stab at reinvention. Extraordinary Ways
is similar to Conjure One, in that it's lush and majestic ambient pop.

The difference this time around is more in the recording process and Fulber's
inspirations. With Conjure One, Fulber traveled the world to record while
applying Middle Eastern influences. For Extraordinary Ways, he wrote songs
only in Los Angeles and tones down the global ambitions.

He again assembles a roster of powerful vocalists with whom he can't go wrong:
Jane, Chemda, Tiff Lacey, and Joanna Stevens. Fulber even contributes vocals
himself, on an unexpected cover of the Buzzcocks' "I Believe." It's a little
out of place, but still interesting. Toward the end, the impact drops down a
notch, and one wishes the vocalists had some better melodies with which to work.

Nonetheless, this is an engaging and spiritual listen.
–-Kenyon Hopkin @ allmusic

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Track List:

1. "Endless Dream"- 4:30
* lyrics and vocals by Jane, a.k.a. Poe, music by Fulber.
2. "Face the Music" - 4:35
* vocals by Tiff Lacey, lyrics by Wright/Lacey, music by Fulber.
3. "Pilgrimage" - 6:48
* vocals by Joanna Stevens (of Solar Twins) and Leah Randi, music by Fulber.
4. "One Word" - 4:40
* lyrics and vocals by Jane, music by Fulber.
5. "I Believe" - 6:07 (Buzzcocks cover)
* lyrics and music by Shelley, vocals by Fulber
6. "Beyond Being" - 7:07
* vocals by Leah Randi, music by Fulber.
7. "Extraordinary Ways" - 4:40
* lyrics and vocals by Jane, music by Elliott/Fulber.
8. "Dying Light" - 6:45
* vocals by Joanna Stevens, music by Fulber/Stevens.
9. "Forever Lost" - 4:46
* vocals by Chemda, lyrics by Holmes, music by Fulber.
10. "Into the Escape" - 4:15
* vocals by Chemda, music by Fulber.

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