Cory Weeds - What is There to Say? (2021)

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Cory Weeds - What is There to Say? (2021)

Cory Weeds - With Strings: What Is There To Say? (2021)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 316.67 Mb | 48:51 | Cover
Post-Bop, Contemporary Jazz | Label: Cellar Live

What a perfect time for Cory to give us this album, What is There To Say?, his 18th record as a leader. It's his most ambitious project to date and, in my opinion, his most impressive. Ever since Charlie Parker recorded his iconic Bird with Strings album, the saxophone-with-strings format has become a sort of Mount Everest for those saxophonists brave enough to take on the challenge.

Cory has been climbing to increasingly greater heights for years now and he is clearly ready for this ''Everestine'' expedition. Listening to him interpret this carefully curated set of compositions, we really get to know him for the musician he has become: an expressive saxophonist with a unique and personal voice on his instrument. A visceral strength to his delivery on the tenor, while at times exposing a beautifully honest vulnerability as well.

Cory, as he is known to do, has surrounded himself with only the best company. Phil Dwyer's crafty lush string arrangements inspire Cory to search for new and ever more lyrical melodic lines while also giving him ample space to get lost exploring the nooks and crevasses of the music. Cory has compiled some real musical gems here including the somewhat obscure chestnut 1906 Ballad At Dawning (I Love You) while also contributing an eclectic trio of original compositions to round out an extremely enjoyable musical program.

Track List:
01 - At Dawning (00:05:43)
02 - The Phantom In The In Crowd (00:06:12)
03 - What Is There To Say (00:05:58)
04 - Love Is Wild (00:06:06)
05 - Waltz For Someone Special (00:04:46)
06 - Alana Marie (00:06:33)
07 - I Wish You Love (00:06:35)
08 - There's A Boat Leavin' Soon For New York (00:06:54)

Cory Weeds – tenor saxophone
Phil Dwyer – piano
John Lee – bass
Jesse Cahill – drums
Cam Wilson – violin (lead)
Llowyn Ball - violin
Elyse Jacobson - violin
Molly MacKinnon - violin
Jiten Beairsto- violin
Madeline Hocking- violin
Meredith Bates - violin
Andrea Siradze - violin
John Kastelic – viola
Genevieve MacKay - viola
Finn Manniche - cello
Doug Gorkoff – cello
Maggie Hasspacher - bass

All arrangements by Phil Dwyer




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