Damiron - Piano Merengue (1994)

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Damiron - Piano Merengue (1994)

Damiron - Piano Merengue
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Ansonia Records 1994

Frank Simó y Damirón, or Damirón, for short, was a clasically trained pianist from the Dominican Republic who was recruited into what used to be a Dominican institution (and later, because of political reasons, ended up based in Venezuela): the Billo's Caracas Boys Orchestra. He later teamed with Ernesto Chapuseaux, one of the Billo's singers (and also a Dominican), and created a long-time and successful partnership that lasted over forty years, along with Chapuseaux's wife, Panamanian-born Sylvia de Grasse. They lived all around the Caribbean, and had an extended stay in Puerto Rico, so their appeal was broad-based, and their music reflected the multiple influences that exist in the different countries of the area.
01. Piano Merengue
02. El Aji Caribe
03. La Escalerita
04. Merengue Minuet
05. Que Siga La Fiesta
06. Merengue Universal
07. Si Me Vas A Querer
08. Merengue Melodico
09. Bien Apretaito
10. Ritmo De Merengue
11. Piano, Guira Y Tambora
12. Tugurucutu