Djosos Krost - No Sign of Bad

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Djosos Krost - No Sign of Bad

Djosos Krost - No Sign of Bad (2005)
Electronic/Dub | MP3 320kbps HQ | Covers | 134 MB

This is the debut album of Djosos Krost, a Danish production duo equally committed to tweaky, bleepy electronica and warm, analog-based roots reggae. Those two influences may seem like opposite ends of a spectrum, but even so, Djosos Krost manage to blend them in a way that is consistently fresh and enjoyable. (

01. Straight Upfront (feat. Tuco)
02. Creation (feat. Jah Bobby)
03. Earthball
04. Call It Off (feat. Emo)
05. Darkness
06. Chapter One (feat. Jah Bobby)
07. Cover Me (feat. Little Tasha)
08. Kickwolf (feat. Lillith Heritage)
09. Once But Never (feat. Tuco)
10. Better Place (feat. Tuco)
11. Ragga Foo
12. Predator (feat. Adrian)
Total time: 65:30