Frank Steiner Jr. - I Ching Symphony

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Frank Steiner Jr. - I Ching Symphony

Frank Steiner Jr. - I Ching Symphony
APE 358 mb | MP3 123 mb | 256 kbps | 67:39 min
Genre: World, Ethnic, Crossover

This unique creation brings alive the imagery of the 5,000 year old oracle, the I Ching or Book of Changes. These eight sensitive and sometimes dynamic pieces, corresponding to the eight building blocks of the I Ching, encompass a multitude of compositional ingredients, evoking a full range of musical and physical emotion - from calm and soothing to uplifting and invigorating, from passive surrender to alert empowerment. They have the effect of an enchanting and inspiring journey through nature, leaving the listener refreshed and, somehow, wiser.

01. Ch'ien (Heaven)
02. K'un (Earth)
03. Chen (Thunder)
04. Sun (Wind)
05. Li (Fire)
06. K'an (Water)
07. Tui (Lake)
08. Ken

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