Generoso Jiménez Tojo Y Su Orquesta - Trombón Majadero - Ritmo (2007)

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Generoso Jiménez Tojo Y Su Orquesta - Trombón Majadero -  Ritmo (2007)

Generoso Jiménez Tojo Y Su Orquesta - Trombón Majadero - Ritmo
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Malanga Music 2007

Generoso “Tojo” Jimenez (July 17, 1917 in Cruces, Cuba - September 15, 2007 in Coral Gables, Florida) was a famous Cuban trombone player and a pioneer of Cuban popular music. He was also the trombonist for the legendary Cuban bandleader and singer, Beny More.
In 1939, together with flutist, Efrain Loyola and violinist, Gilberto de la Rosa, founded the Orquesta Ritmica. He initially stayed in Cuba after Fidel Castro took over the government in 1959 and recorded in 1965 El Trombon Majadero, considered a classic in Cuban music. He later fell out of favor with the Cuban government and stopped playing the trombone and became a roaming street vendor.
In 2003, he was allowed to attend the Grammy ceremony in New York City where one of his records had been nominated. A few months later he returned to the United States and remained. He picked up his trombone and his career was reborn.
His last recording was for Gloria Estefan’s album 90 Millas.
"Even though this CD includes a brilliantly arranged melange of musical genres, the true highlight remains the exquisite piano, bass, sax, trumpet, percussion and trombone improvisations. These recordings give more than ample proof of the trombone's capacity to sing as a melodically expressive instrument." - Helio Orovio, Havana, September 2006.
"Chocolate" Armenteros,
Adalberto "Trompetica"
Lara, "El Negro" Vivar (tp);
Pucho Escalante,
Modesto Echarte (tb),
Celso Gómez,
Armando Verdecia (sax);
Héctor "El Ñato" Alejo (p),
Oscar Valdés,
Guillermo Barreto,
Papito Hernández (perc) and
Israel López "Cachao" (b), among others.
01. Trombón Majadero
02. Descarga Solfeando
03. Jaky Ky
04. La Rosa Roja
05. Las Pilanderas
06. Ya No Me Quieres
07. Garabato
08. El Torrente
09. La Vieja Rosa
10. Uno, Dos Y Tres
11. Llegaron Del Otro Mundo
12. El Contrabajo Fantasma
13. La Múcura
14. A La Bahía De Manzanillo
15. Cachita
16. Sueño De Amor
17. La Bamba
18. Señorita Luna
19. Come Prima
20. Maracaibo Oriental
21. El Tambor De La Alegría
22. La Bella Cubana
23. Besitos De Coco