Jim O'Rourke & Elliott Sharp - Sakuraza (2021) {Zoar Records}

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Jim O'Rourke & Elliott Sharp - Sakuraza (2021) {Zoar Records}

Jim O'Rourke & Elliott Sharp - Sakuraza (2021) {Zoar Records}
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Jazz / Electroacoustic / Avant-Garde / Experimental

New release on zOaR Bandcamp: Sakuraza - Jim O'Rourke - Elliott Sharp. The 2nd album in the E#@70 series, Sakuraza presents a conversation in sound between two iconoclastic adventurers. O'Rourke and Sharp first met in Chicago in 1989 and their paths have crossed many times since then with a number of collaborations in Japan including guitar trios with Otomo Yoshihide and large algorithmic orchestras. This set of electroacoustic duos was performed in an intimate setting in Kofu, Japan in 2019 with O'Rourke using synthesizers and electronics and Sharp on bass clarinet,Strandberg Boden 8-string, and electronics. The sound ranges from quiet intensity to swirling turbulence unmoored from genre and style.

Jim O'Rourke - synthesizers and electronics
Elliott Sharp - bass clarinet, Strandberg Boden 8-string guitarbass, electronics

Recorded live in concert at Sakuraza, Kofu, Japan.

Track Listing:
01 Kola Superdeep Borehole
02 Kokytos
03 Nekton
04 Hired Applauder
05 Kayfabe
06 The Ampullae of Lorenzini
07 Rekukkara




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Jim O'Rourke & Elliott Sharp - 			  		  		  	 			   			     			  	  	 			   		  	   		      		 	    	 			   		   	  		  	   		 						 Sakuraza (2021) {Zoar Records}