Kevin Kendle - Distant Horizons Vol.1 (Music for Reiki)

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Kevin Kendle - Distant Horizons Vol.1 (Music for Reiki)

Kevin Kendle - Distant Horizons Vol.1 (Music for Reiki)
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Genre: New Age, Relaxation

"Kevin Kendle is a musician and composer working in the field of haunting, atmospheric instrumental music. He uses keyboards, synthesizers and samplers to create evocative soundscapes which are then layered with beautiful sounds of nature, such as birdsong, which Kevin records near his home in the Hertfordshire countryside.

His music is inspired by nature and landscapes and is very suitable for any situation where a calming atmosphere is desired, such as aromatherapy, therapeutic treatments or relaxation in the home. The careful programming and selection of sounds give the music an organic, timeless feel.

Distant Horizons is a compilation album containing tracks from Kevin's albums Watermusic, Autumn and Eventide. This album is an excellent accompaniment to Reiki therapy. Perfect for hour-long healing sessions."


01. The Sun Descending (Eventide)
02. On The River (Watermusic)
03. Keeper's Cottage (Autumn)
04. The Willow (Eventide)
05. Twilight Plough (Autumn)
06. Rooks Return (Autumn)
07. North Star (Eventide)
08. Fading Light (Autumn)
09. Homeward (Eventide)
10. Lagoon by Moonlight (Watermusic)
11. Evening Reflections (Watermusic)
12. The Moon Rising (Eventide)

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