Klaus Schulze - Mirage (40th Anniversary Edition) (1977/2017)

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Klaus Schulze - Mirage (40th Anniversary Edition) (1977/2017)

Klaus Schulze - Mirage (40th Anniversary Edition) (1977/2017)
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Progressive Electronic, Berlin School | Label: MIG Music

40th Anniversary Edition Re-Release - 2017 digitally remastered by Tom Dams! The LP Mirage, as predicted by Record World, will establish Klaus Schulze as one of the most outstanding electronic music composers. Schulze's flexibility in voice and and the final product certainly show the bizarre winter scenery, especially the epic piece Crystal Lake, which is loved by Schulze fans all over the world. For many fans Mirage is considered to be one of the most important Klaus Schulze works of the 70s.

AllMusic Review by Jim Brenholts
Mirage is one of Klaus Schulze's best albums. It is certainly among the eeriest e-music sets ever. He created it as "an electronic winter landscape dedicated to Hans Dieter Schulze." It has somewhat of a symphonic structure. There are two main pieces: "Velvet Voyage" and "Crystal Lake." Each piece has six separate movements with experimental sounds serving as the recurring themes. The album has cold and icy textures that take listeners to the brink of the winter solstice. The experimental timbres give the set a sci-fi feel. This is vital space music. It will appeal to fans of Kevin Braheny, Richard Burmer, and Mychael Danna.
1. Velvet Voyage: 1984/Aeronef/Eclipse/Exvasion/Lucid Interspace/Destination Void (28:28)
2. Crystal Lake: Xylotones/Cromwaves/Willowdreams/Liquidmirrors/Sprindance/A Bientôt (29:19)
3. In Cosa Crede Chi Non Crede? (19:28)

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