Nicholas Gunn - Beyond Grand Canyon

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Nicholas Gunn - Beyond Grand Canyon

Nicholas Gunn - Beyond Grand Canyon
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Genre: New Age

Favoring romantic harmonies and arrangements that border on Yanni 's terrain, Beyond Grand Canyon is on the lighter side of Gunn's oeuvre: often tending toward the sentimental, when a darker, more evocative touch might serve him better. Gunn plays flutes, stacks his voice in earthy, vaguely Native American-meets-Gothic choirs, and plays keyboards and percussion throughout the disc, accompanied sparingly by violinists (including Karen Briggs) and guitarists (including Johannes Linstead). Nicholas Gunn and Michael Fatali have collaborated their creative passions to share with you this unique Audio-Visual experience, which inspires and informs. The soothing power of the musical compositions resonate a spiritual movement and vibration, through an ancient symphony of creation and a twenty-five year odyssey of stunning imagery. It enlightens and lifts the human spirit up to the eternal connection we all share with the natural world. ~


1. Beyond Grand Canyon
2. Elves' Chasm
3. Count Your Blessings
4. Jurassic Point
5. The Boneyard
6. Face to Face
7. Gabriel's Horn
8. Step into the Light
9. Liquid Light
10. Bridal Falls
11. Sentinel of Eden
12. Earth Bones
13. Sunkissed

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