Nokturnal Mortum - Голос Сталі (Voice Of Steel) (2009)

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Nokturnal Mortum - Голос Сталі (Voice Of Steel) (2009)

Nokturnal Mortum - Голос Сталі (Voice Of Steel) (2009)
MP3 320 Kbps CBR | 159 MB | 01:11:48 | Ukraine
Pagan/Folk/Symphonic Black Metal

Nokturnal Mortum started as death metal band Suppuration in 1992, then turned to black metal and changed name to Crystalline Darkness but had to change the name again because there already existed a band called Crystalline Darkness in western underground. Nokturnal Mortum's brand of Folk infused, ancestral Black Metal has crossed borders to find international appreciation.

1. Інтро (Intro)03:06
2. Голос Сталі (Voice Of Steel)09:55
3. Валькирия (Valkyria)10:48
4. Україна (Ukraine)08:24
5. Моєї Мрії Острови (My Dream Island) 11:48
6. Шляхом Сонця (By The Path Of The Sun)09:07
7. Небо Сумних Ночей (Sky sad nights) 01:51
8. Біла Вежа (White Tower) 11:48