Ohm-G - Moments (2005)

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Ohm-G - Moments (2005)

Ohm-G - Moments (2005)
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Electronic, Downtempo, Lo-Fi, Ambient, Chill-Out

OHM-G: Moments - for and about the special moments in life. Ohm-G alias Olaf Gutbrod is a well-known name in the music scene. Vangelis or Vaya Con Dios estimate his work and his remixes just as much as Blank and Jones and many others. The artist Ohm-G is in great demand for successful compilations, his involvement in the well-known chill out "Cafe Del Mar", on the "Klassik Lounge" cds vol. 1 & vol. 2, in the "Clubber's Guide To Ibiza" (Ministry Of Sound) or in "Le Cafe Abstrait" speaks for itself. With his fourth cd "Moments", Ohm-G again offers evidence for his unbelievable versatility, his overflowing creativity and his obviously never-ending fund of ideas. Olaf Gutbrod sees himself as a story-teller, he exposes a lot of his inner life and tries to make you hear a moment in an acoustical form - which he manages in an extraordinary way. the source of Gutbrod's inspiration is his life. He has traveled a lot, got to know and learned to love a variety of countries and cultures. At the moment, he lives on the sunny island of ibiza on the balearic islands. Since the beginning of 2005, he has his own radio show on ibiza. Fascinating with "Moments" is its complexity, its many levels. Even if you hear it time and again, you will always find something new and surprising. Easily and neatly, he moves between spheric sounds of excellent electronic music, experimental, and classic elements. And he is familiar with all of them. He mixes different styles in a unique way to create the unmistakable Ohm-G sound. He plays spanish tunes and guitar duos as well as tribal voices and dubby reggae. What else can you say about the versatile sounds and artistic works of Ohm-G? For example, with a multi-layered special booklet in which transparencies create new meaning from old texts. First sit on needles - dream the free moment - relax now. a thing worth seeing! "Moments" is a varied and coherent album, a convincing work of art with beautiful melodies and groovy lounge - for relaxing and dancing. A cd for and about the special moments in life.


01. First Moment
02. As It Is
03. Who Knows
04. One Second Or Less
05. Homework
06. Aya
07. Island Dream
08. Both Sides
09. Forever Now
10. Classic Mood
11. Desert Oasis
12. The Only Moment
13. Relax 2 The Max
14. Don't Talk Now
15. Nana

Click above track 4 and 13 for album sampler.


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