Parijat - Reiki Healing Waves (2008)

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Parijat - Reiki Healing Waves (2008)
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New Age / Meditative / Instrumental / World
Label: New Earth Records ~ Source: My CD

An ideal album for anyone seeking a space filled with peace, serenity and healing! Reiki Healing Waves will take you on a meditative journey of sound that will soothe, calm and relax you..

Reiki means universal life force. Composed of two Japanese words, 'Rei' describes the universal and limitless aspect of this energy and 'Ki', represents the life force present in all living things. 'Ki' is the same energy that is known as 'Chi' by the Chinese, 'Prana' by the Hindus and 'Mana' by the Kahunas…

"The essence of Reiki healing energy is Love, Peace, Harmony & Trust, qualities that can help to solve the problems of the Earth…" ~ Parijat ~


Song List:

01. Hearts Awakening
02. Healing Senses
03. Forgiving
04. Reiki Healing Waves
05. Healing the Heart
06. Return to Your Body
07. The Unwinding
08. Return to Yourself

Personnel: Parijat (various instruments).