Rasa - Saffron Blue (2007)

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Rasa - Saffron Blue (2007)
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New Age / Meditative / World
Label: New Earth Records ~ Source: My CD

Saffron Blue evokes a sense of passion, with stunning performances by four guest vocalists that perfectly juxtapose Kim Water’s exquisite voice and Hans Christian’s virtuosic arrangements. Saffron Blue takes you on a rich, sonic journey that transports you to the mystical realm of India, with trance-like rhythms and a deeply spiritual sound..
This album continues to show the limitless quality of their musical gifts, with nine luminescent gems that revel in contemporary Indian hues. Hans Christian does an exceptional job of creating a mood that is mystical and alluring, with shimmering mosaics of sitar, sarangi, violin, cello, rhythm and sublime synthesizer mood. The chant of Kim Waters strikes a unique balance between being spiritual and sensual. Together they once again cement their role as one of Indian music’s most fascinating duos, and the album is a testament to that fact…

Song List:

01. Vamsi Dhari
02. Madhava Murari
03. Gayatri Mantra
04. Antara Mandire
05. Drone Scape
06. Maha Mantra
07. Krishna Jinika
08. Sitara Dreams
09. Vande Krishna