Riley Lee - Oriental Sunrise

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Riley Lee - Oriental Sunrise

Riley Lee - Oriental Sunrise
mp3 | 256 kbps | 1996 Year | 57 min | 103 mb
Genre: New Age, Ethnic, Meditative

"Centuries of advancements in musical instruments have bypassed the traditional shakuhachi flute, an ancient instrument formed from bamboo root and equipped with just five finger holes. Its tender, ethereal tone thus remains essentially unaltered since its distant origins in Japan, and in the hands of a master player such as Riley Lee, an Australian, it sings to our spirits with a graceful gentleness that seems just beyond the reach of modern instruments.

Lee here performs a series of duets with a koto, a stringed instrument with a harp -or zither- like character (performed by a trio of players), evoking moods of serenity and calm, carrying away your concerns on the receding mists of a golden dawn. Sweet, not shrill, Lee's gentle playing (accented by the sounds of surf at the disc's opening and close) is easily accessible to Western ears and is well-suited for meditation and massage." -Terry Wood

Personnel: Riley Lee (shakuhachi flute); Satsuki Odamura, Helen Castello, Tony Lewis (koto).

01. Hinode (Sunrise Suite)
02. Inochi No Sharin (Wheel Of Life)
03. Meisoroku (3 Meditations)
04. Tasogare (Twilight)

Riley Lee - Music for Zen Meditation