Rodrigo Rodriguez - Beyond the Times (2008)

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Rodrigo Rodriguez - Beyond the Times (2008)
Ape & Cue ~ 295 Mb | Cover included
New Age / Ambient / Ethnic Fusion / Instrumental
Label: Kazane Records ~ Source: My CD

Composer and multi-instrumentalist born in 1978 Argentina, but grew up in Spain. His music is classfied as New Age music or World Music, using different ethnic instruments from countries like Japan, India, Iran, and Spain..

Beyond the Times, the album, is the third KZN recording to feature music written and performed by Rodrigo Rodriguez. This album of acoustic music is the first solo album by Rodriguez. The radical all-acoustic perfomance explores sonorities and textures that frequently sound frozen in the time, and also often sounds in a direction to the most poetic sense..

Inspired in the ancient knowledge of the Divine Love, Rodrigo features a poem of Sufi Master Hafiz who let the listeners reflect on the mystic connection between life and existence… ~ amazon.com

Song List:

01. Part I (Audentia)
02. The Shining Eyes of the Dawn
03. Divine Light
04. Kyuden No Kurayami
05. Part V
06. Part VI
07. The Deer and the Moon
08. Sumer
09. Back to the Woods
10. Part X
11. Babylonian Queen's Eyes
12. Witness of Stone


Shakuhachi , Steel Guitar, Zither, Dilruba, Shvi,
Darbuka, Shruti Box, Wind Chimes,
Chinese Gong, Tibetan Cymbals, Reson Bells