Ryan Farish - From The Sky

Posted By: Arien
Ryan Farish - From The Sky

Ryan Farish - From The Sky
mp3 | 256 kbps | 2005 Year | 57 min | 103 mb
Genre: New Age, World Beat, Electronic, Ambient

"Absorbing influences from his daily life, Ryan delivers on this album with his distinct upbeat mantra of warm and elegant music for the soul. In typical Farish fashion, Ryan delves into various themes of world-beat, new-age and spiritual sounds awash with his lush piano melodies and powerful minimalistic approach. From the opening 'The Promise', a simple piano line pairs with indigenous vocal chants; segueing into lush break-beat washed with beautiful synths. Bouncing beats and bubbling basslines invigorate Joy, solemn strings ebb dreamily into stunning female vocals on 'Pacific Wind'. Joyful Caribbean style beats and call & response style children’s choirs weave a tapestry of perfectly blended chillout electronica with an organic style. 'From the Sky' dives right in with a brilliance of light; further demonstrating Ryan's brightest moments are yet to come. His music is introspective and reflective, giving you a glimpse into his mind, where the sky is always blue, the grass is always green and the melodies always bring a smile."


01. The Promise
02. Living Water
03. Joy
04. Pacific Wind
05. Home Again
06. Walk With You
07. Legacy
08. Cry No More
09. Miles Away
10. Shine
11. From The Sky
12. Rejoice!