Slow Crush - Aurora (2018)

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Slow Crush - Aurora (2018)

Slow Crush - Aurora (2018)
Shoegaze, Postrock, Grunge | FLAC (tracks) | Cover | 34:15 | 233 MB + 5% Recovery
Label: Holy Roar Records | Tracks: 8 | 2018

A compelling abrasive shoegaze band, dealing with the aesthetics of contrasting sounds.
Heavy like a gloomy dream yet soothingly vibrant. The vulnerable soft floating voice of Manchester's Isa Holliday underneath layers of grungy shoegaze soaked noisepop, seeking shelter from a f'ed up world.
Belgium-based shoegaze band Slow Crush play at both ends of the dynamic spectrum, switching between crushing walls of noise and ethereal dream pop from song to song. Led by vocalist and bassist Isa Holliday, a former sludge metal musician, the band are more than willing to lean on their heavier side, although overall the project is comparatively lighter to Holliday's former group, Hearserider. The central idea of contrast is explored throughout their music, starting with the release of their debut album, Aurora, in 2018.
Rounding out the group are Jan Jouck (guitar), Steven Cammaerts (drums), and Jelle Ronsmans (guitar), who, together with Holliday, wasted little time between their first live show in 2017 to heading into the studio to record their debut. In late 2017, the four-piece decamped to Southampton's Ranch studios to work with producer Neil D. Kennedy (Milk Teeth, Creeper, Boston Manor). Afterwards they moved to The Atomic Gardens, where Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, The Smith Street Band) mastered the record. Their debut saw release the following year via three different labels, Flood Records, Dingleberry Records, and White Russian.


4.Shallow Breath
5.Aid and Abet




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