Teresa Garcia Caturla - Llego Tete (2003)

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Teresa Garcia Caturla - Llego Tete (2003)

Teresa Garcia Caturla - Llego Tete
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BIS Music 2003

Veteran Cuban singer Teresa Garcia Caturla shines in this superlative Cuban son project. Wonderfully rich, full arrangements and a cracker-jack band including Amadito Valdes, Guillermo Rubalcaba and Lázaro Dagoberto Gonzalez help to make this one sizzle.
Participation by guest vocalists Omara Portuondo, Ibrahim Ferrer and Pio Leyva give this project an authority and flavor similar to the Buena Vista Social Club recordings.
However, it's the vocals of Ms. Caturla on tracks like "Cachita" that adds gas to the fire. When she let's loose, watch out. Listen to her duo with Pio Leyva on "El Niche," and then when her exuberance explodes on the white hot "Taurema." She becomes irresistible.
It culminates with the killer track "Llego Teté," which should be framed and put on a mantle.
On this one, it becomes pretty evident, she has the power.
La Siguaraya
El Niche (Duo Con Pio Leyva)
Tuyo Soy
Los Tamalitos De Olga
Llego Tete
Berceuse Campesina/Drume Negrita
Bonus Track: Silver Star/Piel Canela

Musicians include:

Bernando A. Rodriguez Piano
Roberto Riveron Bajo
Jose Espinosa Timbal, bongo y campana
Adel Gonzalez Congas
Edgar Martinez Ochoa Bata
Johannes Bonnat Bata
Jannier Rodriguez Maracas
Jorge Luis Guerra Montero Guiro
Lazaro Dagoberto Gonzalez Violines 1,2, y 3
Alejandro Rodriguez Chelo
Rene Herrera Flauta
German Velazco Saxo soprano y alto
Jose Luis Hernendez, Evaristo Denis Baro, Mario E. Lombida Saxo
Alexander Abreu Trompetas 1,2,y 3
Amaury Perez Rodriguez Trombon 1,2,y 3
Barbara Zamora, Manuel Colunga, Marcos A. Domenech Coro
Teresa Garcia Caturla Vocals
Omara Portuondo Vocos
Ibrahim Ferrer Vocals