The Mantovani Orchestra - Tico Tico (2001)

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The Mantovani Orchestra - Tico Tico  (2001)

The Mantovani Orchestra - Tico Tico
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Spectrum Music 2001

Annunzio Paolo Mantovani was born in 1905 in Venice, the city in Italy that would delight and fascinate him all his adult life. In 1909 the family moved to London where Mantovani studied piano, harmony and counterpoint with his father to begin with, and then with professors Chiti and Pecskai. Finally, at the age of fourteen, he started the violin, and so began this unique relationship between an artist and the sound of strings
01. Malaguena
02. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
03. Be mine tonight
04. cielito Lindo
05. La paloma
06. Siboney
07. A Garden In Granada
08. Perfidia (Tonight)
09. Andalucia (The Breeze And I)
10. La Golondrina
11. Maria Elena
12. Espana
13. El relicaro
14. Adios
15. Tico Tico
16. AY-Ay-Ay
17. Arrivederci Roma
18. Spanish Gipsy Dance
19. Poppa Piccolino (Papaveri E Papera)
20. Anema E Core (To Be Or Not To Be)