Ustad Irshad Hussain Khan – Divine Rhythms on Tabla (2001)

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Ustad Irshad Hussain Khan – Divine Rhythms on Tabla (2001)

Ustad Irshad Hussain Khan – Divine Rhythms on Tabla (2001)
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Label: PAN Records | cat. no. PAN 2086

Tabla is the most important percussion instrument used in North-Indian classical music. The set as we know it today is believed to be an invention of the multi-talented genius Hazrat Amir Khusru, who lived in the 13th century. Most of the tabla's technical and musical development took place during the last three- to four-hundred years. Many great players expended the range of sounds and technical possibilities and composed thousands of compositions.
The tabla is a pair of drums; the right-hand drum made of wood is called `Daayan', which can be tuned within the range of an octave, the left-hand drum, the `Baayan' used to be made of wood or clay, but nowadays is made of copper. Both drums are covered with two layers of goat skin of which the second layer is cut till about one inch near to the edge of the drum. In the middle a special black paste is applied which in combination with different strokes extends the range of a tremendous variety of sounds that can be produced. All these sounds can be translated by mnemonic syllables called 'Bois'. The compositions played on the tabla can all be spoken, and several examples of this can be heard on these recordings.

The sarangi is one of the oldest bowed instruments of India and its origin can be traced to a bowed instrument used in folk music from Riijasthim. It is made of teak wood with ivory inlays, and the soundbox is covered with a skin. The sarangi has three melody strings, usually made of gut or metal, and 37 resonating strings. Indian music is strongly based on vocal music, and the sound of the sarangi comes the nearest to the human voice. That is probably why it is much preferred as an accompanying instrument to song. It is also a favourite instrument for the accompaniment of a tabla solo recital.

The tanpura is a longnecked wooden lute, used as a drone instrument. There are usually four, but sometimes five or six, metal strings, continuously played as open strings, one after the other. The sound is very rich in overtones.


01. Adha Chautal [0:28:18.82]
02. Teental [0:31:54.93]


Ustad Irshad Hussain Khan – tabla
Ustad Munir Kahn – sarangi
Frieda Kahn – tanpura

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