Various Artists - Obsession: New Flamenco Romance (1999)

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Various Artists - Obsession: New Flamenco Romance (1999)
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New Age / Flamenco / Ethnic Fusion
Label: Narada ~ Source: My CD

Following the success of Gypsy Passion and Gypsy Soul, Narada dipped into the nuevo flamenco well a third time with Obsession: New Flamenco Romance. The same basic assessment applies to this compilation as that which applied to its predecessors: flamenco purists will dislike the concessions to popular accessibility and miss the passion and fire of the traditional article, but others will latch onto that very accessibility, not to mention the unmistakable romantic elegance of this more modern take on the style. What's more, Obsession is just as strong, musically speaking, as its predecessors, with some of the highlights supplied by Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Oscar Lopez, Govi, and Chris Spheeris, to name a few…
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To 'Conde Luna'… As I feel from my heart…

Song List:

01. Cancion Triste - Jesse Cook
02. Loving You - Oscar Lopez
03. Suenos de una Guitarra - Chuscales
04. Night in the South (Noche En El Sur) - Jose Luis Encinas
05. In the Hands of Love - Ottmar Liebert
06. Cathedral Bells (Homenaje a Ruby) - Ruben Romero
07. Space Flamenco - Energipsy
08. Abundance - Govi
09. Carino - Chris Spheeris
10. Ritmos Flamenco - Armik
11. Tigris Place - NovaMenco
12. Pozo del Deseo - Songhai 2