Witchwood - Before the Winter (2020)

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Witchwood - Before the Winter (2020)

Witchwood - Before the Winter (2020)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 349.12 Mb | MP3 CBR 320kbps ~ 129.30 Mb | 55:45 | Cover
Progressive Rock, Heavy Prog | Country: Italy | Label: Jolly Roger Records

Witchwood were born in 2014 from the ashes of Buttered Bacon Biscuits, they released a self-produced Cd in 2010 "From the solitary woods" (reprinted on Cd and Lp by Jolly Roger Rec. in 2017) and positively reviewed by many italian and foreign music magazines and websites. After the split some members of the band followed mastermind Ricky (vocals, guitar and main writer of B.B.B. and Witchwood) in the Witchwood project.

Debut album "Litanies From The Woods" (2015) is the result of 2 years of songwriting, long and hard rehearsals and recording sessions and features ten tracks (78 minutes) and it is a long journey from 70’s hard rock, to progressive, psych, southern rock and blues. Got very excellent acceptance from public and press, both in and outside Italy, which allowed a strong promotional-push: they played live at Hammer of Doom and as guest for The Vintage Caravan in Germany, and at Malta Doom Metal Fest, deserved good visibility on all main specialized webzines and magazines; both Cd and Lp first runs went quickly sold out. Rightly Witchwood were considered one of the best bands from the new "retro-rock" wave, voted as "best emerging band in 2015" by Rock Hard Italy readers and reached the final in the italian Wacken Metal Battle competition. One year later the acclaimed debut, Italian 70’s hard rockers Witchwood came back with ‘Handful Of Stars’ the right way to celebrate the appreciations received for the debut album, to introduce the new guitar player Antonino Stella, appreciated session man and long time Ricky's friend and to present new videoclip for "Handful of Stars" with drawings by artist Dimitri Corradini. Last 4 years the band played live and collected all the energies and inspirations to release the new, best possible album, entitled “Before the Winter”. A long time, but worths the wait! Available on gatefold cover 2 Lp with bonus track, Cd, Digital.

Track List:
1. Anthem For A Child (5:24)
2. A Taste Of Winter (5:01)
3. Feelin’ (4:12)
4. A Crimson Moon (5:07)
5. Hesperus (8:35)
6. No Reason To Cry (4:51)
7. Nasrid (4:19)
8. Crazy Little Lover (7:44)
9. Slow Colours Of Shade (10:42)

- Riccardo "Ricky" Dal Pane / vocals, guitars, mandolin, percussion
- Andrea "Andy" Palli / drums, percussion
- Stefano "Steve" Olivi / Hammond, piano, synth, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes
- Luca Celotti / bass
- Samuele "Sam" Tesori / flute, harmonica
- Antonino "Woody" Stella / guitars, backing vocals

- Diego Banchero / fretless bass (4,7)
- Natascia Placci / soprano (7,9)
- Jenifer Vargas / soul vocals & backing vocals (4,5,8)




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