Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos - Hidden World

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Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos - Hidden World

Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos - Hidden World
mp3 | 256 kbps | 2000 Year | 52 min | 95 mb
Genre: New Age, Electronic, Fusion

“Gary Stroutsos brings the chops of jazz and Afro-Cuban playing to bear on a performance that nevertheless eschews technique in deference to nuance. Jonn Serrie, on the other hand, since 1987 has been articulating a lush, space-music sound on several albums that are noted for their richly textured sound design. Together, they carve out a contemplative zone of slow-motion space largos, touched by hints of Middle Eastern percussion. Stroutsos' melodies weave from the curvaceous themes of Indian snake charmers on the title track to the more classically inclined refrain of "Earth Sky." The relentlessly slow pace of Hidden World can wear thin over the course of the album. Even the drama of field drums and cymbals and clay pot percussion barely breaks the surface of the album's doggedly contemplative mode." ~John Diliberto


1. Hidden World
2. The Ocean Of Night
3. Mystery Of Falcon Cove
4. The Rain Maiden
5. Sunrise Song
6. Earth Sky
7. Bird Canyons
8. Rhapsody
9. Tuptim's Garden
10. Vision Lake


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