Amethystium - Odonata

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Amethystium - Odonata

Amethystium - Odonata
mp3 | 256 kbps | 2001 | 62 min | 112 mb
Genre: New Age, New Age, Electronic, Ambient

"Amethystium is really 22-year-old Norwegian producer Oystein Ramjford on a solo mission. The name is not as memorable as Tangerine Dream or Deep Forest, yet musically, Amethystium shares common ground with both acts. Ramjford's mix of electronics, pop-dance rhythms, and some requisite sonic oddities (subdued Middle Eastern vocals, Gregorian chant, random dollops of native flutes) yields solid results, offering sufficient style and mystery to merit repeated play on an out-there, candlelit night. Amethystium could be described as a subtler Delirium, a less self-conscious Enigma, or a second cousin to Mythos. Ramjford favors a lighter, spacier vibe than most of the aforementioned acts, though. And at his best (on sparkling/pulsing tracks such as "Calantha," "Odyssey," and "Arcane Voices"), he sends an intriguing helix of melody lines on a slow swirl through inviting atmospheric fields. Pedestrian rhythms diminish some tracks, but Odonata remains a promising debut." ~Terry Wood


01. Opaque
02. Ilona
03. Enchantment
04. Dreamdance
05. Tinuviel
06. Avalon
07. Calantha
08. Odyssey
09. Fairyland
10. Paean
11. Arcane Voices
12. Ascension
13. Ethereal
14. Lhasa

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Amethystium - Odonata