James Asher - Feet in the Soil

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James Asher - Feet in the Soil

James Asher - Feet in the Soil
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Genre: Tribal World-Beat Ethnic Fusion

"Feet in the Soil is an uplifting celebration of danceable energies centred in the earth. Rhythms of an infectious, hypnotic and tribal quality provide the frameworks for the music, which draws much inspiration from Aboriginal and African lifestyles. Although James is well known in the ambient New Age music field, he is a drummer! His first instrument is the drum and this collection shows his rich feel and love for the diverse indigenous rhythms of this planet." ~james-asher.co.uk

James Asher: Keyboards, Programming and Percussion
Rory Baxter: Didgeridoos, Lighting Rig, Djembe and Darabuk
Volker Grün: Guitars
Melanie Hurn: Cello and Percussion
Claudia Booth: Vocals
Mike Booth: Vocals and Didgeridoo
Billy Willmington: Drums and Percussion
Bob Wilmington: Percussion
Erik Pelham: Guitar
Miles Bould: Drums and Percussion

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01. Pemulwuy
02. Ijeilu
03. Return to Egypt
04. Tantango
05. Send in the Drums
06. Earthsong
07. Red Rhythm Dragon
08. Cooking it Up
09. Heathhaze
10. Ocean of Dreams
11. Pemulwuy Returns

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