Erlend Krauser - Ambrosia (1984)

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Erlend Krauser - Ambrosia (1984)

Erlend Krauser - Ambrosia (1984)
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Style: New Age | Label: N.N.K. Records

Wonderful German guitarist, multi-instrumentalist of Romanian origin, was born July 19, 1958 Timisoara, Romania. First I learned to play the violin, then the guitar. In 1976, he joined a very popular at that time in Romania Phoenix band playing folklore-oriented music from censorship reasons, combining traditional folk instruments with modern sound.

In 1977. Erlend had fled to West Germany from Communist Romania, together with members of the group hiding in boxes of audio systems Marshal. Shortly after arriving in Germany, the group disbanded. Erlend and some members of the group organized a new composition releasing Madhouse not very successful album From The East. (1981). Later, together with bass guitarist Josef (Joschi) Kappl he joined the famous Lake Group, with whose help he got to the studio scene, which is bound to lead to one of the independent producers for film and advertising music with his own studio in Hamburg.

In less damp climate of the West its sound was softer at the same time, however, he did not forget the roots of the music of his homeland, the world is beautiful and sad melodies harmonies. The result was the unmistakable character and style of his guitar as well as personal traits arrangements. It can be heard on his first two LP Ambrosia (1984) and Erlend Krauser (1986).

On Talkin Guitar (1989) he uses on some of the tracks are rarely used six-string fretless guitar, which gives him unlimited opportunities for the use of scales and violin playing techniques. On this guitar, violin using his experience, he can do a more effective vibrato finger than a normal guitar, and thus, it is better to play long, thoughtful tone.

In addition Erlend fashioned dvugrifovuyu guitar for their live performances. One bar for fretless guitars and six-string electric guitars for the other, which is very convenient to the scene to obtain the desired sound change the tool without the need for.

From 1982 to 1984, he played with a group of Hamburg, Roter Mund, as well as in the short or longer periods of time with such bands as like Goombay Dance Band, Taco, Ricky Shane and Putting On The Ritz, a member of the orchestra of James Last in 1992.


01. Sunrise
02. Desiree
03. Ambrosia
04. Gliding Across the Water
05. Sunday
06. Roman
07. Roxy
08. Do Do Do
09. Memories By the Sea
10. Olympia
11. The End