Feel Freeze - Feathers & Scars (2018)

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Feel Freeze - Feathers & Scars (2018)

Feel Freeze - Feathers & Scars (2018)
Pop, Electronic | 00:40:50 | WEB FLAC (tracks) | 229 MB
Label: Icons Creating Evil Art

'Feathers & Scars' is the debut album from the Danish duo (Raymonde Gaunoux and Mathias Vinther Lilholt) released on Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.

The album is a tour de force in whimsical, touching and richly detailed electronic pop music. Imagine The xx, Röyksopp, Anohni, MJ & The Flaming Lips meeting each other at a queer party and deciding to play a spontaneous show together!.

Feel Freeze unites femininity and masculinity across gender stereotypes and uses their music to break down borders and challenge normative expectations for gender, life and sexuality. Raymonde sings of his life as transgender and Mathias performs in sparkling platforms with Freddie Mercury-like moves and mustache.

01. Feel Freeze - Alting Foregår
02. Feel Freeze - Let Go!
03. Feel Freeze - Bend the Night
04. Feel Freeze - Take a Look
05. Feel Freeze - Bridge to your Heart
06. Feel Freeze - No Headlights, Just Stars
07. Feel Freeze - In Your Mind
08. Feel Freeze - Heroes
09. Feel Freeze - First Dream
10. Feel Freeze - We Travel Light




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