Roger Eno - Dust of Stars (2018)

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Roger Eno - Dust of Stars (2018)

Roger Eno - Dust of Stars (2018)
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Genre: Modern Classical, Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Painted Word

The press release manages to write several paragraphs about Roger Eno without mentioning his brother. We will though. It's our Brian's brother. But really he should be seen in his own right as a composer of note and here collaborates with producer Youth (Killing Joke, Embrace etc). The pairing of Roger’s melancholic piano lines and Youth’s cinematic production gives the album a deeply moving quality. Wistful piano melodies twist and turn through vast, yet sparse, soundscapes, dipping through a myriad of influences. Orchestral swells rise throughout the mysterious track, Velvet Minute, whilst Salty Tears brings out a soft and sombre side to jazz, and closer Forgotten Song showcases an inspired take on merging Roger’s minimalist piano with Youth’s organic and synthetic sound design. Roger Eno is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist who cannot be easily categorised. He is hard to pin down and slippery as a fish, yet creates lush, emotive soundscapes which quite easily swallow you whole. Dust of Stars is the latest addition to a powerful and versatile body of work with a cinematic quality, and is frequently used in, TV, theatre and film. (Danny Boyle's Trainspotting and Mr Wroe's Virgins - for which Roger was BAFTA nominated, Dario Argento's 'Opera' and Trevor Nunn's NT production of Betrayal.) His installations can be experienced in public spaces each year and he continues to tour and play live sets both as a solo artist and as an arch-collaborator.
01. Moonlight Drive
02. Diamond in the Tiles
03. Velvet Minute
04. Salty Tears
05. Gliding Albatross
06. Dust of Stars
07. Live Forever
08. Raising of Lazarus
09. Forgotten Song

Total time: 41:58

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