Sapien - Origins [EP] (2018)

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Sapien - Origins [EP] (2018)

Sapien - Origins [EP] (2018)
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Genre: Psychill, Dub, Downtempo, Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Mindspring Music

Since the dawn of time, humans have told stories. Through cave drawings, dance and music over open fires, we have told stories as a way to shape our existence. The elements of a story - a beginning, middle and end - are often the same, but as humans we each offer a unique perspective which shapes how a story is relayed. Sapien is a story teller, combining elements of the ancient past, the living present and the technological future, carefully constructed into frequencies that resonate on a level that transcends language, and is left to each person to interpret in a way that is unique to their own self in that specific moment of time.
Origins is a varied affair, with a heavy focus on the space between the notes. The uncluttered rhythms allows the elements to breathe and move between each other. Yet other songs give birth to densely packed IDM-inspired percussion, while the acoustic elements really take their time to bubble up. In Origins, there is both darkness and light, and all feels as mysterious as our own beginning.
01. Origins
02. Masala
03. Casablanca
04. Tektite
05. Multiverse

Total time: 30:53

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