Zoe Gilby - Aurora (2021)

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Zoe Gilby - Aurora (2021)

Zoe Gilby - Aurora (2021)
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Jazz, Vocal Jazz | Label: Evening Play Records

Parliamentary Awards Jazz Vocalist of the Year 2019, Zoe Gilby, releases her fourth album “Aurora” Inspired by the instrumental compositions of award winning, Grammy nominated U.S trumpeter Tom Harrell.

“This is a brand new album of material and we are so excited to be augmenting the exciting instrumental compositions of US trumpet player and composer Tom Harrell with my own lyrics. As a songwriter, I have always composed the melody and the lyrics myself. This however, is an entirely different beast, and a one I have loved rising to the challenge of. I’ve loved illustrating Tom’s music further with my own lyrics, absorbing his intricate ideas, his serene delivery and portraying it sensitively with my own, awesome musicians, who help bring my words and these compositions to life.”

"Zoe and her musicians deserve to be congratulated on the way they have delivered Tom Harrell’s music which, lyrically, has been brought to life by a singer with a distinct style of her own, a style that I very much enjoyed and look forward to hearing more of" Simply Jazz Talk.


01. Zoe Gilby - Leap To The Limelight
02. Zoe Gilby - The All Night Diner
03. Zoe Gilby - Your Dear Heart, My Dear Heart
04. Zoe Gilby - Forget The Past
05. Zoe Gilby - A Momentary Place Of Peace
06. Zoe Gilby - This Is New
07. Zoe Gilby - Ebb & Flow
08. Zoe Gilby - Shadowed In Solitude
09. Zoe Gilby - Celestial Delight


Zoe Gilby - Vocals
Noel Dennis - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Mark Williams - Guitar
Andy Champion - Double Bass
Russ Morgan - Drums




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