Amethystium - Evermind (2004)

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Amethystium - Evermind (2004)

Amethystium - Evermind
mp3 | 256 kbps | 2004 | 53 min | 97 mb
Genre: New Age, Electronic, Ambient

"Oystein Ramsfjord would be a great name for a Norwegian death metal guitarist. But this Ramsfjord has opted for electronic keyboards and opulent music in the guise of Amethystium. Like his fanciful stage name, derived from the gem Amethyst, Ramsfjord's music is full of fantasy imagery. Titles such as "Arcus," "Shadowlands" and "Satori" give you a glimpse into a music where pristine sounds and descending-from-the-heavens synthesizers charge heroic melodies coasting atop an array of propulsive, almost danceable rhythm loops. Each successive Amethystium CD has gotten a bit less edgy, sweeter in their melodies and plusher in their arrangements, and while he doesn't step over the line into electro-Muzak, he comes close. In the past, his music has been likened to an imaginary soundtrack for The Lord of Rings, but Evermind is more pastoral elfin kingdoms and peaceful shires than storming orcs and demonic wizards. A little bit of that edge, a bit of depth beyond the pretty sounds, might make Evermind more profound than just pleasant listening." ~John Diliberto


01. Arcus
02. Into the Twilight
03. Shadowlands
04. Break of Dawn
05. Innocence
06. Satori
07. Barefoot
08. Reverie
09. Lost
10. Fable
11. Imaginatio

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Amethystium - Evermind (2004)