Angel Tears - Angel Tears Vol. 2 - Harmony (2000)

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Angel Tears - Angel Tears Vol. 2 - Harmony (2000)

Angel Tears - Angel Tears Vol. 2 - Harmony (2000)
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Ambient, Ethnic-Electronic, World Music, Chill Out

Angel Tears' music has been on more than 10 compilation CDs, including the hit Buddha Bar 2, which has sold over 250,000 units. Angel Tears' music transports you on an enchanced journey of sounds and voices from every corner of the globe. It is a prayer to harmony that integrates cultures, races and peoples. Their music integrates dozens of instruments from East and West: the Bedouin dharbouka, Tibetan flutes, grand pianos, the Indian sitar, electric guitar, and Arab violins. The songs also feature such varied elements as African voices in traditional tribal religious ceremonies and ancient Indian hymns.


01. For Rebeka
02. Harmony
03. The Flute Dance
04. The Peace Will Come
05. Wind of the Soul (Hallelujah)
06. Men's Cry
07. Natasha
08. Indian Ballad
09. African Heart
10. Love Nights
11. Spanish Illusion

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File 1 (RAR part 1)
File 2 (RAR part 2)

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