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Brussels Jazz Orchestra - Two Places (2021)

Posted By: Domestos
Brussels Jazz Orchestra - Two Places (2021)

Brussels Jazz Orchestra - Two Places (2021)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 452.99 Mb | MP3 CBR 320kbps ~ 167.01 Mb | 01:12:25 | Cover
Contemporary Jazz, Bop, Hip Hop, Big Band | Country: Belgium | Label: Brussels Jazz Orchestra - BJO001

Two Places takes you on an amazing journey, past the orchestral sound of Brussels Jazz Orchestra, the rhymes of Zediam, the soul of singer Monique Harcum and the mixing, scratching and sampling skills of DJ Grazzhoppa. This production tears down musical pigeonholes and creates new places: Two Places, at once.

Brussels Jazz Orchestra looks the innovative powers of jazz right in the eyes, and does so in good company “Two Places is a unique project. It combines the glorious sound of the orchestra with my voice, Zediam’s rhymes and DJ Grazzhoppa’s turntablism. It’s got jazz and soul and funk. It’s a cocktail you wouldn’t expect to taste as good as it does.” – Monique Harcum.

In late January 2020 Two Places had its baptism by fire in the Concertstudio in Kortrijk (BE). An audience of young hip-hop fans, soul lovers and veteran jazz cats welcomed the project with swingin’ hips and groovy applause. All the genres in Two Places have their roots in jazz. Shortly after the birth of hip-hop, performers started sampling jazz recordings, making the BJO sound also recognisable for fans of other genres as well.

Besides stars like rap talent Zediam, singer Monique Harcum and hip-hop god DJ Grazzhoppa, BJO also has fine company in Erik Rademakers (Selah Sue) on electric bass and David Thomaere (The Voice, Netsky, Laura Tesoro) on keyboards. In Two Places, the typical BJO idiom is continually evolving into another sound, without these transitions being shocking. It’s a unique and many-sided trip to some new musical places.

Track List:
1. The Beginning (08:35)
2. Travelling Into Time Part I (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa) (04:23)
3. Travelling Into Time Part II (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa & Zediam) (05:13)
4. African Streetdreams (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa, Monique Harcum & Zediam) (10:40)
5. Oeil Céleste (feat. Zediam) (09:57)
6. Funky Haircut (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa) (07:42)
7. Leap of Faith (feat. Monique Harcum) (08:01)
8. Another Day Another Night (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa & Monique Harcum) (05:35)
9. What If (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa & Zediam) (07:38)
10. Get Down (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa & Monique Harcum) (04:41)

Serge Plume, Nico Schepers, Pierre Drevet, Jeroen Van Malderen – trumpets
Frank Vaganée, Dieter Limbourg, Kurt Van Herck, Bart Defoort, Bo Van der Werf – saxophones
Marc Godfroid, Lode Mertens, Frederik Heirman, Laurent Hendrick – trombones
Hendrik Braeckman – guitar
David Thomaere – keyboards
Nathalie Loriers – piano & Rhodes
Erik Rademaekers – electric bass
Bart De Nolf – double bass
Toni Vitacolonna – drums

Monique Harcum – vocals (#4,7,8)
Zediam – rap (#3,4,9)
DJ Grazzhoppa – turntables (#2-4,6,8,9)




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FILE: 03 - Traveling into Time, Pt. II.flac
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Signature: 5D9D646D6C60DB28C855E760FB626614DF5557C8
FILE: 02 - Travelling into Time, Pt. I.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 85D4C720B5A281C7FFE79E92E3C65330452F0ABB
FILE: 01 - The Beginning.flac
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