Chanson yiddish - Song Yiddish

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Chanson yiddish -  Song Yiddish

Chanson yiddish - Tendresse & rage
Yiddish song - Tenderness and madness passion
1985 | Genre: popular yidish songs | MP3 | 320 KBPS | 67,9 Mo | RS

This album of popular yidish songs is the logical result of a series of encounters. First, there was the encounter of three artists whose friendship grew while making this record. The second was their common approach to the music. The third was the blending of each musician's sensitivity and artistry. The adventure began during an evening shared among friends. Spontaneously, a person took his violin, a second picked his accordion, and a third added his voice. That jam session, performing yiddish songs, was the first step toward recording this album. The recording was made a few weeks afterwards by the same friends at the same place.

1. Avreml
2. Hulyet
3. Oyfn Veg
4. Az Der Rebbe
5. Partizanenlied
6. Modeh Ani Lifonekho
7. Rozhinkalekh Mit Mandlen
8. Reyzele
9. A Kalte Nakht
10. Drey Tekhterl
11. Lomir Alle
12. Mamele
13. Fraylekh


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