Frank Steiner Jr. - Touching Silk

Posted By: Arien
Frank Steiner Jr. - Touching Silk

Frank Steiner Jr. - Touching Silk
MP3 | 256 Kbps | 2004 Year | 58 min | 107 Mb
Genre: New Age, World, Ethnic, Ambient

"Touching Silk is a lavish production. Balanced with dynamic rhythms and exquisitely poetic passages, this is music on a grand scale, filled with exotic sounds spanning the horizon from east to west. Touching Silk is a joyful cleanser, a break from our sometimes harsh world into one that is rich in fantasy and beauty.

On the surface, Touching Silk is merely music. It is new music inspired by a very old calling. It is very old music, older than any time, that has chosen expression and been given glorious form by Frank Steiner Jr. It is very wise music that can shift and influence the perception of the listener. It can help wash away constricting habits and aid in listening to the voice within you, the voice that can answer even your most challenging questions." -

01. Ajala
02. Indira's Chant
03. Rainbow
04. Beyond the Horizon
05. Bells of Himalaya
06. Lung ta
07. Roaming with the Whales
08. Touching Silk
09. Luna
10. Akash

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