Hasidic New Wave - The Complete Recordings 5CD (2012) [Box Set]

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Hasidic New Wave - The Complete Recordings 5CD (2012) [Box Set]

Hasidic New Wave - The Complete Recordings 5CD (2012) [Box Set]
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Genre: Jazz, World Fusion, Avant-Garde, Jewish | Label: Tzadik

Hasidic New Wave was a group founded in the mid-'90s by saxophonist Greg Wall and trumpeter Frank London. The pair had studied together at the New England Conservatory of Music, and later played together in Hasidic wedding bands to financially support themselves while indulging their love of jazz, avant-garde, klezmer, niggunim, and other musics with various bands in New York on the weekends. Along the way, they found a way to translate the energy of the Hasidic melodies and their love of free jazz, funk, rock, and more, into Hasidic New Wave. The group's other stable members included Aaron Alexander, Fima Ephron, and David Fiuczynski. The band began playing in earnest the same year – 1993 – that John Zorn had founded Tzadik; they instantly fit into his Radical Jewish Culture project, and the rest is history. Included in this beautiful box are all four of the group's original albums – Jews and the Abstract Truth, Psycho-Semitic, Kabalogy, and From the Belly of Abraham (an album issued in collaboration with Alioune Faye and Yakar Rhythms). The fifth disc assembles live and rare recordings. The first two of these eight tracks feature the earliest incarnation of the band with Shlomo Deshet on drums and Bentsi Gaffni on electric bass, playing live in Köln, Germany in 1993. Especially noteworthy is "New York Debkas," for its experiments with tone, mode, and rhythm. The next three cuts also feature Sarah Parkins on violin and Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello. Recorded live at the Knitting Factory, these are tunes of exceptional energy, varying textures, and outstanding group interplay (check HNW + Strings' "Al-Asfour Al-Majnoun"). The final three tunes are unreleased studio recordings with the last quintet with Fiuczynski, Ephron, and Alexander. While any of these selections could have been used on the records they recorded together, it is "Holem Tza'adi" (recorded to benefit the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society) that stands out for its variation, slow modal opening, and explosive middle section. It is housed in the usual excellent Tzadik packaging, with extensive liner notes (original notes, cover art, etc., are included too). What's most remarkable, however, is how fresh and exciting and forward-thinking this music sounds two decades later and realizing once more how totally influential it has been.


Disc 1
01. Satmar Hakafos #6
02. Sim Shalom
03. Tzur Mishelo
04. Last Temptation of Lady L
05. Eliyahu Hanovi
06. V’smachta
07. Welcome to the McDonald’s in Dachau
08. Debka
09. Bobover Wedding March
10. Finale: “Juba” + Satmar HakAfos #6 Reprise

Disc 2
01. Seven Blessings from the High Priest: Achas
02. Aks
03. Seven Blessings from the High Priest: Achas ve-achas
04. Hebe Bop
05. Seven Blessings from the High Priest: Achas u-shtayim
06. Transcendence/U’Mipney Khata’eynu
07. Al-Osfour Al-Majnoun (the Crazy Bird)
08. Seven Blessings from the High Priest: Achas ve-sholosh
09. Ve-Samakhto Dub
10. Seven Blessings from the High Priest: Achas ve-arba
11. Habibi
12. Seven Blessings from the High Priest: Achas vo-sheysh
13. Blues in Exile
14. Seven Blessings from the High Priest: Achas ve-khamesh
15. Men trinkt Mashke (People Drink Whiskey)

Disc 3
01. Purple Vishnu
02. Benigni
03. Kabalogy
04. Pt. 1
05. Pt. 2
06. Ok Dear, Who?
07. Amy’s Solo
08. The Frank Zappa Memorial Bris
09. Burkan Cocek
10. Satmar Hakafos Nign #3
11. Giuliani Über Alles

Disc 4
01. Waaw Waaw
02. Yemin Hashem
03. Bread of Affliction
04. Sea of Reeds
05. Frydginator
06. The Sacred Line
07. Bo-Peep
08. Spirit of Jew-Jew

Disc 5
01. Live in Köln: Overture
02. Live in Köln: New York Debkas
03. HNW + strings: Al-asfour al-majnoun
04. HNW + strings: Alef/Fela
05. Knitting tants
06. Hebe-Bop
07. “Bottle Dance” from Fiddler on The Roof
08. Holem Tza’adi (to benefit the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society)


Sara Parkins - violin
Frank London - trumpet, organ
Gary Lucas - guitar
David Fiuczynski
Ben Goldberg - bass clarinet
Jamie Saft
Anthony Coleman - organ
Fred Lonberg-Holm - cello
Aaron Alexander - drums, djembe
Aliounne Faye
Greg Wall - saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Sascha von Oertzen - vocals
Shlomo Deshet - drums, percussion
Vinnie Nobile - vocals, trombone