Lulu Rouge - Bless You

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Lulu Rouge - Bless You

Lulu Rouge - Bless You
MP3 | 192-320kbps | 67MB | Host: RS | Type: LP
Genre: Electronic, Downtempo, Chillout | Release: 2008 | Label: Music For Dreams

honest, not much comes out of Denmark. There’s the bacon and erm, Lego. So when something good does come along you have to grab it by the bull horns. With Lulu Rouge’s new album Bless You, Trentemoller recommends that you do. He’s hailing Lulu Rouge as the next big thing to come out of the Danish underground since sliced bacon. The duo is made up of T.O.M and Buda, two DJs who came together to put on Sunday afternoon chillout parties by the Copenhagen canels with Trentmoller. You may recognise T.O.M’s name as he was part of Trentemoller’s live/DJ show which toured the world. I never caught it myself but from what I heard T.O.M would spin the tracks and Trentemoller would do stuff on his keyboard.

Fast forward 3 years and T.O.M and Buda have got together to create their debut offering “Bless You” with a little help from Trentemoller. Their collective influences have created a dark melancholy mix of down tempo and 4/4 beats settling within the chill out and trippy house music worlds. The album could be described as Massive Attack to a 4/4 beat.

The introduction track sets the tone for the whole album and is aptly named Melankoli. Its slow, moody and sensual. Alice Carreri’s vocals have a sexy blues breathiness kind of like Peggy Lee’s Fever which compliments the melancholic violin sighs, subtle dub bassline and piano twinkles.

Lulu’s Theme keeps the same dark theme, but bolsters the pace with a more solid kick drum rhythm. Various piano and synth elements reverberate around an industrial soundscape. You can definitely feel Trentemollers influence on this track as it pulsates and breathes like a sleeping monster. The other Trentmoller collaboration on this album is Ninna Nanna. Again the vocals come from the seductive Alice Carreri who applies a nursery rhyme ostinato vocal. Think Suzane Vega’s Tom’s Diner. Its simple chant ripples over the moody strings and a familiar Trentemoller restrained pulsating bass.

Runaway Boy fuses dub and EDM elements on a sinister brooding track. The heavy mechanical nature of the track plays well with a whimsical clarinet riff which to me seems to add a slice of gay pari. Finally, End of The Century is Lulu Rouge’s attempt at Massive Attack. It has all the right elements of being a Massive Attack track. The dark trip hop beats, the atmospheric reverberating sounds, drips of guitars and strings as well as Mikael Simpson’s vocals mirroring that of 3D’s. If you didn’t know you could easily think it was the Bristol band.

This album is dark, moody and melancholic. There are some fantastic soundscapes created by the duo, with some great stand out tracks which could really add another dimension if used in a DJ set. Sterling effort from the new Danish duo.
Lulu Rouge - Bless You
Lulu Rouge - Bless You

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1 Melankoli 4:50
2 Bless You (System remix) 5:04
2 Lulu's Theme 7:33
3 Bless You 5:12
3 Bless You (Minilogue remix) 10:16
4 Ninna Nanna 5:51
5 Thinking of You 5:26
6 Runaway Boy 5:03
7 Sweeter Than Sweet 4:30
8 Pitch Black 4:33
9 End of the Century 3:57
10 Slow Pigeon 5:21


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