Oliver Shanti & Friends - Circles Of Life (Best Of)

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Oliver Shanti & Friends - Circles Of Life (Best Of)

Oliver Shanti & Friends - Circles Of Life (Best Of)
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Genre: New Age | World | Ethnic

"Circles Of Life (Best Of) - авторская подборка Оливера Шанти. А значит, концептуальная, и заложенный внутренний смысл позволяет считать этот диск самодостаточным полноценным альбомом мастера. Просто… он состоит из лучших композиций. ~от издателя

На дисках Оливера Шанти этническое звучание сочетается с современными электронными ритмами, классический new age – с элементами популярной музыки. Шанти слишком независим, чтобы посвятить себя только одному жанру…"

"If you have never experienced Oliver Shanti's music before, "Circles of Life" is a good start. A musical circle of Oliver Shanti's life, this cd offers a great chance to get a tast of all that he offers. There are songs from many of Oliver Shanti's cds and his different styles.

Oliver Shanti has combined Eastern and Western music, creating a unique style of his own, bringing together Western rock and roll, electronic music, synthesizing ancient Eastern music from China, Native America, the Middle East, Tibet, India and Nepal. In addition, nature sounds from the land, water, fire and wind have been inserted into the music, allowing communication among different living beings."


01. Water - Four Circles Of Life (Circles Of Life)
02. Well Balanced (Well Balanced)
03. Journey To Shambala (Tai Chi Too)
04. Tocar Para Sarakali (Tai Chi Too)
05. Purna Brahma Narayana (Circles Of Life)
06. Liu Garden Of Shuzhou (Tai Chi)
07. Sacral Nirvana (Tai Chi Too)
08. Machu Picchu (Minho Valley Fantasies)
09. Amitabha (Well Balanced)
10. Medicine Power (Medicine Power)
11. Hundredandeight (Walking On The Sun)
12. My Galician Fantasies (Walking On The Sun)
13. White Mother Of The Universe (Circles Of Life)
14. Macao Kyoto (Tai Chi)
15. Simply Love (Minho Valley Fantasies)
16. Spring In Lhasa (Tai Chi Too)
17. Shaman (Shaman)

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