Riot V - Armor of Light (Limited Edition) (2018)

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Riot V - Armor of Light (Limited Edition) (2018)

Riot V - Armor of Light (Limited Edition) (2018)
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Power, Heavy, Speed Metal | Label: Nuclear Blast

RIOT V, the band featuring members of legendary metal pioneers RIOT, will release its new album, "Armor Of Light", on April 27 via Nuclear Blast. The disc was produced by Chris "The Wizard" Collier (METAL CHURCH, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, SLIPKNOT, KORN), while the cover artwork was created by Mariusz Gandzel (CRYSTAL VIPER).

The new songs promise to please fans of the "Thundersteel" era of RIOT, as longtime Mark Reale music collaborator Don Van Stavern undertakes a lot of the writing as he did on "Thundersteel", "The Privilege Of Power" and the latest offering, "Unleash The Fire".

Don Van Stavern says: "This next offering will please longtime fans and create new ones, as the material is fresh and power metal at its finest."

On Wednesday, January 24, the metal community gathered to Anaheim for the Hall Of Heavy Metal History induction ceremony. RIOT V was inducted alongside BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward, DREAM THEATER keyboardist Jordan Rudess, bass virtuoso Billy Sheehan, and other metal royalty for their contributions and influence on the community.

"I am honored and psyched to be inducted into this year's Hall Of Heavy Metal History with RIOT!" comments Don Van Stavern. "The 30-plus years in existence is a testament to the longevity of a band through the fans love of our music. I am also honored to be inducted with legendary musicians like Bill Ward from BLACK SABBATH, Carmine Appice and, of course, last year's recipients the greats Lemmy, Randy Rhoads and Dio and that's an honor and award itself!"

Hardly any other metal act has such a long and absorbing history behind it. Since the quintet formed in 1975, they have been hit by several severe strokes of fate during their long career. Three deceased members — Rhett Forester (R.I.P. 1994), Guy Speranza (R.I.P. 2003) and Mark Reale (R.I.P. 2012) — have left their mark on the four decades of RIOT's band history.

Since their legendary debut album, "Rock City" (1977), RIOT has released numerous heavy metal classics, including "Fire Down Under" (with classics like "Swords And Tequila"), their masterpiece "Thundersteel" (1988) and the unforgotten "The Privilege Of Power" (1990).

After the death of Mark Reale and the departure of Tony Moore, Todd Michael Hall (from Michigan), completed the lineup of RIOT, which changed its name to RIOT V and moved forward under the auspices of the two long-term members and main songwriters Donnie van Stavern (bass) and Mike Flyntz (guitar). With the critically acclaimed "Unleash The Fire" (2014), a pure power metal jewel once again underlined the musical importance and influence of the quintet.

Many artists name-check RIOT as an important influence of their musical career and have paid tribute to the power metal godfathers on multiple occasions. The list is long and includes several well-known acts such as HAMMERFALL ("Flight Of The Warrior"), Luca Turilli's RHAPSODY ("Thundersteel"), AXEL RUDI PELL ("Warrior") and newcomers such as NIGHT DEMON ("Road Racin'"), ALPHA TIGER ("Flight Of The Warrior"), SAVAGE MASTER ("Swords And Tequila") and STALLION ("Rock City").
CD 01:
01. Victory
02. End of the World
03. Messiah
04. Angel's Thunder, Devil's Reign
05. Burn The Daylight
06. Heart of a Lion
07. Armor of Light
08. Set The World Alight
09. San Antonio
10. Caught in the Witches Eye
11. Ready to Shine
12. Raining Fire
13. Unbelief (Bonus Track)
14. Thundersteel (2018 Version)

CD 2:
01. Ride Hard Live Free
02. Fight Or Fall
03. On Your Knees
04. Johnny's Back
05. Metal Warrior
06. Wings Are for Angels
07. Sign of the Crimson Storm
08. Bloodstreets
09. Take Me Back
10. Warrior
11. Road Racin'
12. Swords and Tequila
13. Thundersteel