Ryan Farish - Beautiful

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Ryan Farish - Beautiful

Ryan Farish - Beautiful
mp3 | 192 kbps | 2004 Year | 60 min | 82.5 mb
Genre: New Age, Electronic, Ambient

"Word of Ryan Farish's music spread like wildfire, causing an astounding million-plus downloads on the site, all before a formal release was issued. 'Beautiful' presents Farish in his first outing for the Capitol Records subsidiary Neurodisc. Here, he sticks to his proven formula of pastoral synth and tight drum work, the very things that made him an independent success. Farish handles all the keyboards and programming while cohort Mike Daniels appears on cello throughout.

The opener, 'Sunshine in the Rain', places meandering piano figures against confident breakbeats. 'Full Sail' unfurls a driving rhythm amidst ethereal, Enya-esque voices. 'Everlasting' begins with methodical percussion and opens into a serene flute landscape. Ryan Farish's 'Beautiful' manages to be both introspective and challenging, proof of his emerging talents."


01. Sunshine In The Rain
02. Sea Of You
03. Chasing The Sun
04. Enchanted
05. Carried By The Wind
06. Indian Summer
07. Letting Go (Interlude)
08. Full Sail
09. Secret Garden
10. Atlantica
11. Adoration
12. Holding Faith
13. Everlasting
14. Beautiful

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