the Necks - Chemist

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The Necks - Chemist
Electronic-Jazz | 2006 | 192kbps | 88mb | Covers

Aria Award-winning, minimalist Jazz heads, The Necks surprise everyone with 2006's Chemist, their 13th album (awarded Australia's Best Jazz Album 2006). The Necks are renowned world-wide for their one-track, hour-long releases that can seriously mess with the listener's head. So just when you thought you had them figured out, they present three contrasting aesthetics on the one album, each track about 20 minutes long. So is this a sign that The Necks are going commercial? Necks fans will not be disappointed … 'Fatal', the opener, is a churning, swirling, eastern-tinged jam; 'Buoyant' is spacious, even space age, and haunting and 'Abillera' is the shimmering Post-Pop offering featuring a lot of guitar (not exactly an instrument associated with The Necks until now), that brings the album to a close and shows that The Necks are as brimful of ideas now as they were two decades ago. Fish Of Milk.

1. Fatal
2. Buoyant
3. Abillera

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