Enrico Pieranunzi & Bert Joris - Afterglow (2021)

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Enrico Pieranunzi & Bert Joris - Afterglow (2021)

Enrico Pieranunzi & Bert Joris - Afterglow (2021)
FLAC tracks | 41:34 | 157 Mb
Genre: Jazz / Label: Challenge Records

Duo recording by the well-known pianist Enrico Pieranunzi and Trumpet player Bert Joris."Every time I listen to the very first tones of Afterglow, I get struck immediately, as if by a force of nature. Suddenly, I am part of a natural phenomenon, that manifests right in front of me. At that very moment, everything else in the world doesn't seem to matter that much. There's only you and the musical synergy of two masterminds, who put their hearts and souls in every detail of their private conversation. Exactly the same feeling hit me over and over, when audio engineer Floren Van Stichel and I were part of the creation of Afterglow, in September 2018. The sheer beauty of the music by Enrico Pieranunzi and Bert Joris was present at every single moment. The only thing Floren and I had to do was listen. We simply guarded the entire process. While performing together, Enrico once said: "Sometimes, the moment you don't play adds more significance to the things you do play". The same thing applies to being a producer. Being present was just enough. Nature took its course and Afterglow saw the light of day." Jasper Somsen (Double Bassist/Composer/Producer)

Track List:
1. Siren's Lounge (4:24)
2. Afterglow (3:31)
3. Millie (3:18)
4. Cradle Song for Mattia (2:51)
5. Five Plus Five (5:10)
6. Anne April Sang (5:21)
7. Freelude (2:25)
8. What's What (2:38)
9. How Could We Forget (5:23)
10. Not Found (3:34)
11. The Real You (3:04)

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FILE: 01. Bert Joris - Siren's Lounge.flac
Size: 17522130 Hash: 53DB03357F4C250A7DFB5B71251BB4CF Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 92%
Signature: 7110D2822A223B9575440E5F27F4C3891F1EAB12
FILE: 02. Bert Joris - Afterglow.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 43%
Signature: C13CB9CC38932450D10C9F04D8BF6FADC63737C5
FILE: 03. Bert Joris - Millie.flac
Size: 13766123 Hash: 3FF225AA87503466F51EEB4478850D91 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 87%
Signature: 4F5F2551AE28B613966988EEA675A8E200C9B97D
FILE: 04. Bert Joris - Cradle Song for Mattia.flac
Size: 11026074 Hash: 7AAB9AB2335B28D87D56179D41906885 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 15E305BD7AB1E29E99163EED84D4AAA2519D7BA2
FILE: 05. Bert Joris - Five Plus Five.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 14BA46435B5BF16AADAB8A81A66AA70D343D65FF
FILE: 06. Bert Joris - Anne April Sang.flac
Size: 21210214 Hash: C2986E385083410B179DDD092DAC0222 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 58%
Signature: 7A1CB04360C075D0F8BB70A53B3B5EEDBDCB8BC8
FILE: 07. Bert Joris - Freelude.flac
Size: 9105934 Hash: 09BCC5BD537557ED9ABE6B75AF5AB566 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 60E8538C4C85B79B8F4D16DB8AFCFBA566A561DA
FILE: 08. Bert Joris - What's What.flac
Size: 11281243 Hash: EEA50EF65143CCC49060304083380B4E Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 94%
Signature: 9EB858333F5C1D90C86DE5D4CBE603E05CF070FD
FILE: 09. Bert Joris - How Could We Forget.flac
Size: 19669810 Hash: EB7AE0F9CC1A2D7017631BB767353C4D Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: A6BE9944E0C4580B4C80A1A115DF0CA5854164E6
FILE: 10. Bert Joris - Not Found.flac
Size: 15304913 Hash: 44E3E901966B2933B9A751A647D7ACFA Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: BF936F7CC7F56DA78D00111483640408032E3EDC
FILE: 11. Bert Joris - The Real You.flac
Size: 10328343 Hash: 83F3209B0E2C2B61CDC47B80C5EF7D96 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 94%
Signature: 3E846727611904AD84A3558FA3C63E591238EC62