Michael E - The Universe Is In Us (2019)

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Michael E - The Universe Is In Us (2019)

Michael E - The Universe Is In Us (2019)
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Genre: Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Awal Records

Michael E Frith had piano lessons as a young child but was really turned on to music in big way when Motown hit him like a ton of bricks in the early sixties, he was smitten and from that time on he’s had a love affair with music. He joined various cover bands and toured the Euro/American Navy and Air force bases playing keyboards and percussion and enjoyed a short stint with U.S. vocal group Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon, who had a massive hit worldwide with "Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache."
Michael started to compose and was enabled to fully realise the music in his mind when the digital/software age arrived, this allowed him to create full arrangements. With this evolution, he was free to conjure up wonderful sounds, haunting melodies and explore so many musical landscapes. Michael was well and truly hooked and it was a new beginning for him.
The Café Del Mar compilations were another major influence, he was hearing electronica mixed with more organic sounds. The music he was drawn to on these compilations had it’s roots in soul, jazz, classical and soundtrack music.
In 2006, Michael E was finally in a position to dedicate his life fully to the pursuit of his musical dream. When the chance came along he grasped it wholeheartedly and he has never looked back. His first release in the chilled/lounge genre was in 2006 and ever since has simply made up for lost time and on the way has gathered a loyal fan base.
01. Passing Storm
02. The Universe Is In Us
03. Cirrus
04. I Love The Rain
05. Wind Chime
06. Back To Nature
07. Around And Around (Feat. Tim Gelo)
08. Space And Time
09. Where The River Flows
10. Little Pale Blue Dot (For Greg)

Total time: 01:02:03

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